Promenade du Paillon

Trees, shrubs and plants from all continents come together along this walk.
Thanks to the magic of a Mediterranean climate, the characteristics of which are found in many biotopes around the world, the Promenade invites you to a botanical journey without jet lag, with promises of trees in flower every season. Through this walk, we can encounter the plant environments of the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Australia, South and North America.

The Promenade du Paillon won the grand prize from the Victoires du Paysage 2014 jury.

A large water mirror and a large misting space take place on either side of Place Masséna, respectively with a surface area of ​​approximately 3,000 m² in the Masséna space and 1,500 m² in the Albert I garden.
Sequences with 128 water jets and misters follow one another on a natural stone bed on the water mirror, with lighting at night.

A marine bestiary for children, these sculptures were born in a workshop in the Cévennes specializing in the manufacture of play areas in natural materials. Made from durable solid wood that is soft to the touch, these giant toys are in harmony with the surrounding plant decor. These different play areas welcome children up to 12 years old.