Nice Carnival

Organized every year in February to celebrate the renewal of nature, the Nice Carnival is recognized as one of the most famous in the world, attracting thousands of visitors and participants each year. It has two highlights that make it famous : the Battle of Flowers and the Carnival Corso.

On Saturday and Wednesday afternoons during the carnival, around the Albert 1er Gardens and Place Massena, come and watch the Battle of Flowers which makes Carnival famous throughout the world. Perched on floats in the colors of the theme of the year, the actresses throw to the crowd nearly 100,000 flowers, lilies, daisies, carnations and of course the mimosa which is particularly celebrated here.

Another highlight, the Carnival Corso which, at the end of the carnival, will reveal the theme of the next one. During a 2-hour show, the parade will introduce you to the illuminated floats and the twenty characters who can reach 20 m high.

Come and discover the 5 illuminated carnival Corsi which are visible to the public at night.
A unique experience, the Nice Carnival owes its fame to the magic it exudes and which, every year, charms young and old alike.